Our Services

Strategy and Growth

  • Billing Solutions
  • Business Planning/Forecasting
  • Find A Medical Practice Manager
  • Fitout and Construction
  • Health Precincts
  • IT, Remote, Technology 
  • Medical Marketing 
  • Multi-Practice Set Up 
  • Practice Set Up

  • Staff Recruitment
  • Staff Training
  • Succession Planning
Full list of our services

  Accreditation facilitated


  Background Checks (staff)

  Billing Solutions

  Budgets and Projections

  Business Diagnostic Services

  Business Key Performance Reporting

  Branding and Signage

  Business Loans (with 95% approval)

  Business Plans/Pro Formas (1,2,5 years)

  Cashflow Forecasting

  Clinical Supply Agreements


  Comprehensive Business Planning

  Corporate Presentations

  Cashflow Forecasting

  Construction and Fit-out

  Charity Work  (Open Heart International)

  Corporate Presentations

  Equipment Leases

  Financial Governance

  Find Practice Manager

  Fraud Prevention

  Growth Strategy

  Human Resources Management

  Insurance and Indemnity Reviews

  IT and software

  Leadership and Team Development

  Legal Structure

  Medical Practice Expansion

  Medical Marketing

  Mentoring Managers and Directors

  Moving Practice

  Multi-Practice Set Up

  Position Description (staff)

  Practice Policy & Procedures

  Profit and Loss Statements

  Precincts (project management new facility)

  Recruitment (GPs/admin/nurses)

  Scaling Up Or Down

  Service Provider Agreements

(IT, security, phone, Internet)

  Staff Recruitment

  (GP, Chronic Care nurses, AHP) 

  Succession Planning

  Find A Practice Manager