Health precincts

With decades of experience in sophisticated health planning, strategy and operations, HBN in 2021 is involved with the development of 26 health precincts across Australia with a sale value of $125m – providing a new paradigm of treatment in community health care. We take disaggregated data sets from multiple sources and collate it into and user-friendly reports and interactive maps.
Practice Building

This information provides invaluable insight into current and future healthcare market opportunities. Our new health precincts provide the following health benefits for practitioners:

❖ Assessment of local market supply
❖ Project healthcare local demand by episodes, cost-weighted by service type
❖ Defining service “gaps” and opportunities
❖ Defining the “mix” of services likely to be in demand in the precinct
❖ Prescribing key planning unit profiles and departments for the facility
❖ Conceptual site and space allocation plans of the facility
❖ 3D perspectives of the facility and some of the suites
❖ Communicating the facility to relevant interested parties
❖ Engaging directly with tenants
❖ Providing ongoing property management for the site

The benefits of joining a new health precinct for a GP, specialist or AHP include:

❖ A more modern practice environment ultimately providing a better patient experience
❖ Working with like-minded professionals wanting to provide the “gold standard” of medical service
❖ Greater autonomy. The inherent risk, upfront expenses and difficulty of opening a practice, has seen massive growth in “consolidated” health care, where specialists join a larger hospital group for instance. Being part of a smaller “precinct” creates greater autonomy and more say in the decision making process, and a greater ability to still “be your own boss” is a drawcard for many health practitioners..
❖ Group discounts on rent, IT and staff
❖ Diversifying with similar services to create a modern, COVID-19 compliant practice and selling to a “familiar patient demographic”, is often less risk than marketing as a sole trader to new patients.

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