Medical Marketing

From responsive, fast websites through to paid advertisement campaigns and exceptional storytelling, we help businesses drive their medical brand to new levels. HBN partners with DigiMed Australia, a team of award-winning journalists, photographers and digital marketers, to provide the following marketing packages:

Specialty specific marketing strategy

  • DigiMed journalists, photographers and digital marketers have worked in BOTH mainstream news organisations as well as in hospitals and medical practices – making them uniquely qualified to help your brand stand out from the “general” medical landscape.
  • Whether it’s wide awake heart surgery or No Gap shoulder surgery, our experts can create engaging, specialty-specific content relevant to your referrers, your patients and your peers – that is sure to get media attention too! Meet our marketing team here.

Affordable websites

  • We can create a highly responsive, user-friendly five page website for a new doctor starting from $3600 (five pages) including SEO and 10 stock images.
  • A 14-page website will cost $6800 while a premium 25-30 page website with a shopping cart, design, short video, art and wireframe will cost between $14,000 to $20,000.
  • All websites are mobile optimised, have extensive SEO and provide 24/7 engagement for potential patients.

White hat SEO

  • DigiMed’s digital marketing experts create highly-segmented, transparent and ethical SEO solutions to ensure your website and your digital ads are seen in the places people are looking.
  • Using Google’s best-practice SEO we’ll look at what your competitors are doing and find untapped online opportunities to help your practice rank highly not just for key search terms but for your key service areas and locations. 

Videos and photography

  • Short, sharp “how to” videos can reassure patients post consult, reinforce what you say in consults, and introduce you to patients before they even come to your rooms.
  • More than 85% of marketers used video as a marketing tool in 2020, up exponentially on video in 2009 when video production was an expensive luxury.
  • Our videographers and photographers are all mainstream news crews and have photographed politicians, medical mavens and rock stars. Find out about our photographers and videographers here.
  • We can create premium video (see example here) which is usually shot over one day and features your staff and facilities.

For social media or those on a budget, we also provide short, punchy stock videos for as little as $500-$1000. See an example here

Public relations

  • With our combined, extensive database of medical and media contacts HBN and DigiMed can attract media coverage for clients across mainstream television, radio, magazines, newspapers and through influencers and social media.
  • We are fast, careful and efficient and widely trusted by medical professionals, journalists, scientists and researchers alike.

Patient advocacy

  • Take your medical care to a new level driving your brand with patient storytelling.
  • Find out how one inspirational cancer patient rode 60km on her 60th birthday during chemo – in the Central Coast Breast Cancer Compendium. Download patient compendium here.

Design and printing 

  • Dr Who? From rooms posters to engage patients the moment they walk in your room, through to bespoke logos, stationery, brochures and business cards, we can create fast-turnaround digital and print designs.